Sunday, June 24, 2012

UK Trip 2012 - London

I recently went to the UK during my son's school holidays. This time around we took Qatar Airways. I liked their service and their food. They were friendly and kept feeding us, I think I've never felt so full on a plane before, they were very generous with the meals and luckily it also tasted good. We arrived quite late at night, but the next day we were off to the London Comic Convention. We loved it. They had games, sci-fi/movie/comic celebrities, comics, merchandise and lots and lots of people in all sorts of costumes. I could have just sat there and watched the people coming and going.

Cosplay @ London Comic Con

Lots of Stormtroopers around

London Comic Con
We already planned to meet up with our Sifu (who taught us Qi gong) who happened to be in London around the same time, and had dinner in Satay House. They absolutely loved it. I have to agree with them that Satay House's food is a lot better than even some restaurants in Malaysia. They were quite impressed with the quality of the food, I was just happy they enjoyed it. We also hosted some of hubby's friends there too.

As for me and hubby, we didn't want to eat too much Malaysian food, so we ate mostly at Pret A Manger, EAT, Jamie's Italian Kitchen, Carluccio's and even tried a Mexican Restaurant at Westfield London called Wahaca which had really good Fish Tacos and Beef Burritos.

Sea Bream @ Jamie's

Seafood Risotto @ Jamie's

Jamie's Italian Burger @ Jamie's
Suffice to say, I gained a bit of weight in my two weeks there. We even managed to try a new Malaysian restaurant called Pak Awie. Their presentation and menu is very impressive, but Satay House beats them hands down in terms of food quality. I know I'm biased, but I still feel Satay House food is way better. 

Crayfish & Avocado Salad @ Pret

Bruschetta @ Carluccio's
Malaysian food @ Pak Awie

It looks like all we did was eat, which is true, but we did get some shopping done which annoyed my son a little. But he managed to get plenty of toys, thanks to his grandparents and grand-aunts and uncles who gave him some pounds to spend.

We decided to spend the Jubilee weekend outside London, so we made plans to go to Legoland in Windsor, then visit my Uncle in Wiltshire, lastly we'd drop by and see my cousin in Milton Keynes. It's a bit much for one posting, so I'll continue in another post.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Train in KL, 16th June 2012

I've just come back from the UK and had a really great trip. Icing on the cake? Found out Train would be performing in KL on Saturday, 16th June 2012. Managed to get tickets for me and hubby last minute. It was held at KL Live. I've never been there before so didn't really know which areas had the best view of the stage. KL Live is split into two levels, with the stage being quite high. I got the tickets for the 'chill out zone' they call it. It was on the top level. It wasn't too bad as they had tiered standing areas (yeah, KL Live is standing only) so you wouldn't be blocked by anyone, unless they're exceptionally tall.

Train was awesome live. Pat Monahan sounds fantastic live, he's got a great voice, and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. They played all my favourite train songs from Virginia to Soul Sister and Drive By. Of course they saved the best for last, playing Drops of Jupiter towards the end. All the band members even signed a guitar and gave it to an audience member, that was really cool of them to do that.

Unfortunately the show was marred by a few things, mostly the slipshot way it was organised. Firstly, there were children there who were obviously below the age of seven. I think it's illegal since KL Live has a bar which serves alcohol. Also it's a little dangerous to bring little children where people might be dancing and/or even shoving each other for space. There was even a couple who brought two children and inconsiderately plonked them on the same platform as the light engineers, not only putting the kids near electrical wires and the spotlight, but also obstructing the view of people standing behind them.

My second beef with TuneTalk, whom were the organisers, were the number of spaces for their so-called VIP customers. This did not leave much space for the true fans. Not only was the front of the stage reserved for TuneTalk customers, they even took up space on the second level, which was not even stated in the concert details. I've been to quite a few concerts in Malaysis and overseas and to me, TuneTalk sponsored concerts are just one big marketing event, it's not a true concert for the fans.