Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Immunity Boost

Has it been that long? Time sure does fly. Unfortunately I've been dead tired looking after my hubby and son the past month or so. Little H had fever a few weeks ago and had to miss a few days of school. Hubby came down with chills and a bad cough about six weeks ago and has been trying to get rid of the cough for at least 5 weeks. I myself had two bouts of cough and cold, but was very fortunate that it lasted just a few days. We've been more careful about using antibiotics nowadays with all the antibiotic resistant bacteria/viruses that are now more prevalent.

I've started using olive leaf extract as sort of an antibiotic replacement. Some websites I've read says it's a good anti-viral/anti-bacterial, and so far it's worked for me. Though nothing beats a good nights sleep, of course. I don't force myself to work or work out anymore if I'm ill. I used to push myself thinking that only weaklings take to their bed, but now forget it. If I feel off, I lock my door, draw the curtains and try to get some rest. With the kids screaming and people calling up, it doesn't really help but even a 10 minute nap does help. Especially when you only get 6-7 hours a night, which I think most people do.

Another immunity booster that we use is Airborne, it's a mixture of vitamins and herbs which boost your immunity. You take it when you start feeling a bit off. You can read more about it here It's only available in the United States and Canada, so if you have someone travelling to those places, perhaps you can ask them to bring back some to try.

We've also tried Echinacea, also a known immunity booster and recently Black Seed Oil, usually found in shops selling middle eastern items/products. I used it for cough and found it was quite effective. if you do want to try herbs and other alternative meds, do keep in mind - never, never overdose because most would not have any formal studies done on them, keep to the recommended dosages. Also try to read up as much as you can, especially on known side effects and contraindications.