Friday, August 26, 2011

3 More Days!

Three more days and it's Hari Raya (or Eid). Fasting has it's benefits, but I'm looking forward to be able to eat in the day time. It's not just food deprivation that gets to you, it's also sleep deprivation and dehydration. That's why it's important to have a strategy when you eat during the night. I've had to curb spicy food, avoid from eating too much and make sure I get enough water at night. Might make it more difficult to sleep (you tend to get up to pee more often), but it does help.

Unfortunately we've had a run of illness in the house, and it's hit the kids pretty bad. All three of them had high fever, sometimes vomitting and all were teary and grumpy. My son was diagnosed with a sinus infection and is on a nose spray, syrups and antibiotics. My niece, who just recovered from a bout of either viral fever or mild dengue, yesterday had food poisoning and puked out her guts at least 7 times. I was afraid there won't be much left of her, as if she wasn't thin enough already.

Today, everyone is looking better. Hubby feels like he's coming down with a sore throat and I hope we can get that settled before Hari Raya. I had a wonderful massage and a haircut just now, so I'm feeling really good. Starting the weekend off with positive and happy vibes!

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Halfway Through!

Halfway through Ramadhan that is. I've lost a bit of weight, am sleep deprived and a little stressed. My son has been sleeping in my bed for the past two weeks because he was ill. 'Was ill' but insists that he needs some more time in my bed before he can go back to his own bed because he's still "coughing a liiittle bit" he said.

We also found out my niece had mild dengue so had to be hospitalised for two nights to make sure she's alright. She had to be put on drips, poor things was so down and out, couldn't even eat or drink. She refused to eat or drink at home, so her parents decided it was best she be admitted. At least she's getting hydrated. It was mild, but we're constantly on alert now for mozzies. Doesn't help that there's a house undergoing renovation with rubbish everywhere collecting water. It's not nice to greet a new neighbour with a complaint to DBKL, but some people just don't see the danger, especially when it doesn't involve them.

Muslims are so gung-ho about fasting but they tend to forget the little everyday things - being considerate, trustworthy, tolerant, kind etc. I could go on and on, but everyday I see and read about Muslims not acting as they should. Why is that? Is it hate? Anger? Fear?

Perhaps they forget that God is Almighty, He will reward and punish those that deserve it, it seems a bit egotistical for us to decide who should or should not be punished for the faith they choose. Isn't that why we call it faith? It comes sincerely from the heart and can't be forced upon us. It saddens me to see God's message not taken to heart. I read somewhere that you should try and pray for those that hate you, for those that you hate, for those that anger you, for those that you fear. I have seen and believe that if you let hate, anger and/or fear consume you, it does become harder to heed God's words. That said, it's not easy to let go of old animosities or not stick out your middle finger at that driver who just cut in. But let us try shall we? And may God bless everyone :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

It's the second day of fasting for all of us here in Malaysia, and it's been not too bad for me since I stay home and managed to catch a much needed nap. Hubby, however, came home with a headache and was absolutely knackered.

Both of us wake up at 5am along with my parents and brother to have a small meal before starting our fast at around 6am. For those who work 9 to 5, it's kind of tough. After eating, there is really no time to sleep, unless you start work really late. So you tend to be hungry and sleepy, which is a bad combination when you have to drive a long way to work.

Butir Nangka
By 5pm, I'm usually thinking of all the food that I'd like to eat. I'm supposed to practice some self-restraint this month and not gorge at the dinner table. Well, last night I failed. I broke my fast with a whole plate of fruits and some sandwiches, then went on to rice with some fish, loads of veggies and potatoes with dried chilli. For dessert I had a handful of cherries along with a bowl of Kelantanese dessert which we call 'butir nangka'. It's made from rice flour shaped into oval balls and served in a sweet coconut milk gravy. My aunt made it and I believe that she makes one of the best. Chewy, sweet and creamy all at the same time - gorgeous! Oh, and I had a small plate of fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli noodles) as well as a cup of goat's milk an hour later.

If I'm not careful, I might actually GAIN weight this fasting month, and that is not good.