Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Binge

These past few weeks I've watched Kung Fu Panda, Green Lantern, Expendables, Step Up 3, Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows and some others that I can't quite remember.

Me and my husband don't usually go to the movies much, we usually save up for really good movies and splash out on Gold Class or Premiere Class tickets. The seat are also set further apart because my husband (and me) hate those people who put their feet on the back of your chair and start kicking or shaking their feet. Most of the time, we usually just put on a DVD. A day out at the movies is quite expensive, since now my son also comes along, and we can't watch a movie without popcorn, can we?

With a slew of good movies recently, and some more coming up, we've been going out to the movies a bit more and since we're in the mood, we've also been catching up on films that we've missed on DVD.

At the moment, I'm looking forward to Transformers 3 and the Harry Potter finale. Can't wait!

Do you read the newspapers?

I've sort of given up on the newspapers. It's depressing, full of violence, sex and propaganda. At our house, we do subscribe to The Star, but the first thing I look for is Calvin and Hobbes. The comics put me a better frame of mind to face the day. News reports usually just piss me off and/or spoil my day. And
I foresee it's going to get worst with rumours of elections coming up. So, let the mudslinging begin.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Circumcision for my Baby

Well, not a baby anymore obviously. Last week we had our son circumcised. Me and hubby decided to do it at Damansara Specialist Hospital. We met up with Dr Razak, the paediatric surgeon who was going to perform the procedure, a few days before that for a consultation. My son was totally at ease with him. He is absolutely brilliant with children. I was so glad that we chose to see him for the procedure.

On the day itself, little H was more curious than scared, which was a very good thing. He walked to the OT himself refusing to be carried. Up till he was set onto the operation table and put to sleep, he was relaxed about it, I was so proud of him. Admittedly, it was also because of the admin staff, nurses, anesthetist, Dr. Razak's OT team and Dr Razak himself. They made him feel absolutely comfortable and calm. I was very happy that he was well taken care off, I really appreciated their effort.

The bill was hefty, as it is a private hospital, but we were expecting it. H had to wear a little cup for a few days since it was a little sensitive still, but we had no problems at all and his willy (as we call it) healed very nicely. Little H got more than a new willy, he also received lots of toys from his aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandaunts and granduncles. All in all, it was a good experience for him and us.