Monday, December 13, 2010

Avoid Butterfish

Yikes! So I did not keep to my dateline (or is that deadline?) It's school holidays at the moment and I'm wracking my brain thinking of things to keep the kids occupied. I've only got three weeks to go so that's not too bad.

Yesterday little H had a bad reaction to some Butterfish he had on Sunday. Personally I thought it sounded yummy, but unfortunately it's full of wax esters (An ester, found in some fish such as orange roughy, oilfish, escolar, black oreo, smooth oreo and other fish, primarily deep water. Wax esters are also found in some plants, notably jojoba - Wikipedia). Long story short, my son started pooing oil yesterday morning. And it came out even when he farted. I know it's gross, but just to let you guys know - STAY AWAY FROM THIS FISH!