Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Singapore July 2010

It was our 10th Anniversary on the 8th of July 2010. So to celebrate we decided to go to Singapore. I thought of making it a twosome, but we just can't leave our little munchkin yet. So the three of us took Firefly, which was so convenient as Subang Airport is only 15 minutes away from our house. Stayed at the Grand Park City Hall again. It really is one of the best hotels I've stayed in, it's near the MRT, loads of restaurants around and service is fantastic.

This time we went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) to see what the hype was about. Unfortunately when we arrived at USS, it was raining buckets. That didn't stop us because a) I've paid for the tickets and no way in hell I'm wasting it and b) a lot of places were covered so we still managed to get in a few shows and a meal before the rain stopped.

Some of the rides were still not ready yet, but there were plenty to keep little H happy. We couldn't get on the more terrifying roller coaster rides because of height restrictions for children, but I'm not complaining. We spent roughly 4 to 5 hours there and were exhausted by the end of the day so we didn't stay till night time for the fireworks. H just dropped off in Papa's arms on the way back.

The night before USS we met up with some friends for dinner at Cafe Fika near Arab Street. We had good Swedish food, think IKEA but more gourmet. The day after USS was spent window shopping and meeting up with hubby's aunt and uncle for lunch. All in all it was a relaxing trip. We discovered some new restaurants, some were good, and some were just so-so. Each time we come to Singapore, we try and do something new, so next time it'll be the Night Safari. H will be big enough to appreciate it then.