Monday, March 29, 2010

It's that time of year again...

I'm talking about taxes. I left it a little late this year (it's the procrastinator in me). But today I managed to collect and organise all mine and hubby's receipts, tax vouchers, documents, income statements etc. All that's left is to photocopy some documents and send it over to the tax agent. I know I really should do it myself with e-filing making it easy peasy to file your taxes, but I've decided to 'outsource'.

Don't get me wrong, I do check all my documents diligently and keep track of all the details, and I go through the annual budget every year, but I'll leave the calculating and filing to the experts. They fill up the form, give it to me to check and sign and write out a cheque if need to, then they'll file it for me.

If there's something out there that makes life easier and is affordable, why not use it, right?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flu, cough fever etc...

In the past two weeks H had some viral fever, hubby had cough and I had a bit of a cold and flu. So suffice to say all of us didn't get much sleep, throw in one whiny baby, and you have a very grumpy mommy.

H's fever kept coming on and off, so I was worried that it might be dengue. Dengue seems to be a big problem nowadays so we're keeping vigilant. Thank God, it was just viral and after five days the fever broke. H was still a little tired so I just kept him in the house to rest and recover. I needed my rest as well, too many sleepless nights were taking a toll on my health and skin.

I've started going on the treadmill again after a whole week off. My legs feel a bit like jelly after my workout two days ago, but I'm feeling much stronger. I'm trying to get H to exercise outdoors but he seems to prefer watching Ultraman on DVD. Can't blame him though, every time he goes out we have to spray loads of mosquito repellent, if he wants to swim we have to slather on the sunblock, so leaving the house is getting to be quite a big production.

Looking forward to better (cooler!) days ahead.