Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work, work, work

I've been very fortunate recently to have gotten projects back-to-back. As any freelancer will tell you, this is godsend. Unfortunately, my son also got ill, and the work not only came back-to-back, but all at once! So I've been rushing around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything done. Yesterday I finished a big project so breathing a sigh of relief today and going for a massage.

Weeks of bending over the computer is killing my back, so regular massages are a must. I'm not talking about a relaxing spa massage here, but the therapeutic kind. Works wonders for my stress levels as well.

Anxiety levels have gone wayyyy down. Still get the occasional attacks but handling it much better. I've been reading more, praying more and thinking/worrying less (or trying to anyway). Positive thinking is the way to go. The mind is extremely powerful, controlling though, takes some time and practice. So breathe deeply, be grateful and think positive, that's my current mantra.

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