Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tapering Off

So far, so good with the tapering off that I programmed for myself. Slight headaches and dizziness, but I'm not lethargic and fatigued anymore. A little tired, but a cat nap in the afternoon sorted that out. I'm seeing the psychiatrist today to talk a bit more about my tendency to over-think everything.

My cousin suggested a daily winding down period every night for myself. I just read somewhere women with alpha personalities tend to want to do everything themselves and, unfortunately, end up not enjoying their lives. They get so stressed out trying to do everything themselves. My husband thinks I have that personality trait. So my goal is to be a little more easy going and not have my life so scheduled and rigid. I am definitely going for more therapeutic massages to relax and re-program the way I think. So my mantra now is relax, relax, relax...


Theresa said...

Hi Mariam, I am a Natural therapist here in KL. If you would like some support for your stress/anxiety profile feel free to contact me on 0129803032.

A little bit of tweeking of the usana neutraceuticals, a little modification to diet and the relaxing you are doing you will do ok.

Mariam Azaman said...

Thanks for your concern :)

Will keep you in mind if things get a bit too much.