Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It's quite embarassing, but I just noticed this morning the tonne of cobwebs on my bedroom ceiling. I vacuum, mop and dust all the time, but somehow I tend to forget to do the ceilings. So today, armed with my trusty mini vacuum cleaner, I managed to clean up all the cobwebs in record time.

I think it's the best mini vacuum cleaner I've used. It's actually a small upright vacuum cleaner, but you can remove the handle and use it as a dustbuster for small jobs or for the car. It's also got an extra tube attachment which I used to make the vacuum even longer, enabling me to vacuum the ceiling without having to use a stool or ladder. I've never heard of the brand before, it's called Shimono, but it's quite powerful and does the trick. It's sold in the Live It Up shop (formerly the IS shop) in 1Utama. It cost me (well, my husband) RM299.

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