Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fever for baby and me

After a bout of cough and flu that I got over really fast, I was hit with a massive fever which had me crying like a baby, mostly because my baby was ill as well. I was worried sick because his fever was quite high and didn't sleep a wink that night. The next day I was a total wreck.

My parents took me and baby to the doctors, got our meds including major antibiotics and tried to rest. My little baby however didn't much like the meds and it was quite a battle getting him to down it all. But the little trooper did (after much tears) and recovered nicely. Both of us are still a little tired, but hopefully will be up to full strength by next week. I hate feeling so weak, can't wait to get physical again.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Musical

Me and hubby were lucky enough to get free tickets to the premiere of Mamma Mia! here in Kuala Lumpur at Istana Budaya.

The show was absolutely brilliant. I've never had so much fun at a theatre show before. The story itself is quite simple, but the music really made it memorable. They sang mostly Abba songs including Mamma Mia (of course), Dancing Queen, Super Trouper, Chiquitita and lots more. In fact, hubby wanted to run out late last night to get the soundtrack and movie DVD immediately. Most of the audience members (me included) were bopping our heads and singing to the songs.

At the end of the show, the cast performed three songs and some people got up to dance, albeit with no rhythm, but they more than made up for it in enthusiasm.

I would not recommend going to a premiere show though. First, the VIPs were a little late, then they shortened the intermission for a cheque presentation ceremony, then the VIPs caused a jam, because no cars could get in or out until the VIPs got into their cars, all of which I think is a waste of time for people who just wanted to enjoy the show. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for charity, but do you have to make such a big fuss in handing our mock cheques? That, itself, is a waste fo money and time. A nice write up along with a list of all the charities benefiting from the charity premiere would have sufficed. As for the VIPs, would it hurt to hurry it up a bit?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It's quite embarassing, but I just noticed this morning the tonne of cobwebs on my bedroom ceiling. I vacuum, mop and dust all the time, but somehow I tend to forget to do the ceilings. So today, armed with my trusty mini vacuum cleaner, I managed to clean up all the cobwebs in record time.

I think it's the best mini vacuum cleaner I've used. It's actually a small upright vacuum cleaner, but you can remove the handle and use it as a dustbuster for small jobs or for the car. It's also got an extra tube attachment which I used to make the vacuum even longer, enabling me to vacuum the ceiling without having to use a stool or ladder. I've never heard of the brand before, it's called Shimono, but it's quite powerful and does the trick. It's sold in the Live It Up shop (formerly the IS shop) in 1Utama. It cost me (well, my husband) RM299.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No more neck pain!

Whatever the chiropractor did, it worked! There is no more pain in my neck. I woke up the day after the treatment with no more pain whatsoever. I even managed to go for my Kali class in the evening.

Kali class was very enjoyable this week. We did some stick drills and ranging drills. It was a very good workout. Between Kali and Belly Dancing, I hope to maintain some form of fitness. I try to jog once in a while. Jogging bores me to bits, but now I've created an exercise playlist on ITunes. It's mostly rock songs to keep me pumped. I actually didn't mind completing more than 20 mins of jogging + walking on an incline. Then it's sit ups, squats and push ups for some body weight exercise. I really have to get to the gym soon, I feel my muscles turning to mush slowly. I try to do the Kali stick drills at home, but it can only be done outdoors. I'm hoping it doesn't rain this afternoon so I can get some exercise.

Chiropractor appointment

I don't know if it was the paintballing, but my neck was aching since Sunday. I thought maybe I'd slept wrongly, but came Wednesday, the pain was still there. Hubby kept pushing me to see the chiropractor but I waited to see if it would heal by itself. That, I found out, was wishful thinking on my part, I couldn't even turn my neck on Wednesday morning.

So looked up on the Internet, found one in Bangsar ( and quickly made an appointment. I haven't been to a chiro in four years so I didn't know what to expect. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle and relaxing the session was. The chiropractor, Dr Twink Lim, was calm, professional and very nice. I came out of the session more relaxed than I've ever felt in ages. She said I was very tight in my lower back and neck. She basically manipulated my spine and worked her way up to my neck and head. I wish it would have lasted longer, but alas, all good things must come to an end. The initial appointment cost me RM168 in total including three boxes of Epsom salts which I'm supposed to use to soak my feet in.

It didn't hurt that parking was free and easy. I'm going back for a follow up next Tuesday and I am so looking forward to it.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Went paintballing on Saturday with about 16 other people and had a great time. This is my first time piantballing and I think I did quite well. I was initially apprehensive as i'd heard about how painful it was when you got shot and friends have talked about how badly bruised you're going to get. Well, it was all that, but it was a whole load of fun. Everyone got down and dirty, literally, and shot and bruised.

We went to Rimba Harmonis Paintball ( in Gombak and spent around three hours playing 7 games. At the end each person paid around RM69 or RM74 depending on whether you rented a vest or overall. They had two paintball areas, one larger and on a steep incline as the place was near a hill. The other site was smaller and the game more intense. Both were equally challenging. Everyone went home talking about the next paintball outing.

It's Tuesday now, and my bruise looks awful. It actually looks worse than it feels. There is just a slight soreness but it doesn't bother me at all. My hubby has me showing it off to his friends. It makes me a little self conscious to wear short sleeves now. I still want to go again though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tired Out

Last night I had my Kali class and it really drained me. Even then I went off earlier than usual, but still could not get a good nights sleep. My son still comes onto the bed at night. In fact, he came onto the bed three times. At first I tried putting him back on his mattress, but he kept climbing back up and I was just too damn tired to do anything about it.

This afternoon he refused to nap and kept disturbing my nap. In the end he fell asleep and I didn't get my afternoon nap. I wish he'd fall asleep more easily, but it looks like he has difficulty sleeping just like me. Like mother, like son :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slooowwww Payment

People think freelancing is a breeze, it's not! I'm supposed to receive my cheque for two jobs which I completed two months ago and the person in charge is on leave for a week. Arghhh...

Not only is it a bitch to get jobs, payment is so slow. You just have to keep hassling and pushing them to get your payment out. It's probably because they don't see you, so clients don't have any urgency. So it's important to show your face once in a while. If you can, pick up your cheque yourself, don't ask them to post or bank it in for you. It's also great PR, they will remember you over the rest and will, hopefully, offer you more jobs.

Of course, you do have to make sure your work is top notch. I've seen horrible translation and editing jobs and wonder how in the world do these people get projects? I think that clients just refuse to pay for quality work. They pay peanuts, then complain about how terrible the completed work is. It's too bad, since there are really good translators, writers and editors around (including me!), if only they're willing to pay us what we're worth.

USANA Nutritionals

I've got a pounding headache but I've been wanting to update this blog for ages. The recent trip to Cameron Highlands threw me off a little because 1) I almost caught a cold and 2) there was no wireless connection.

Luckily I did not catch a cold. A whole load of vitamins put a stop to it. I'm currently taking USANA vitamins, the Essentials and Biomega. I'm not a believer of multi-level marketing (MLM), but I joined USANA because of these vitamins. These are high quality vitamins that you can't buy in the local pharmacy. Their compensation plan is not bad, but it's the products that sold me. The Essentials range are chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So many people around me are falling ill and getting cancer, I just want to make sure I stay as healthy as possible. Because, seriously, I cannot afford to get cancer. Have you heard about the prices they charge for cancer treatment nowadays? Hospital stays are getting as expensive as staying in a five star hotel.

I was getting flu and cough every few weeks before. After taking USANA, alhamdulillah, I have not fallen ill yet. The most I'll get are some sniffles, which are mostly due to lack of sleep. I've been recommending them to my family and I think they're getting a little tired of listening to how USANA is the best. USANA seems a little expensive at first, but when you compare it to all the vitamins you have to take to get the same benefits, it will turn out cheaper.

With all the environmental pollution and stress that we put ourselves through every day, it's no wonder more people are getting ill. Cancer, for instance, is a disease of the immune system. When your immunity is extremely low, cancer cells will start to spread. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler author of The Conquest of Cancer says "the ability of your immune system to successfully prevent cancer is directly dependent on the state of your nutrition". So are you confident that what you're taking in is giving you enough nutrients? I'm a firm believer in supplements and if you can afford it, why not take one of the best around?

If you're interested in finding out more about USANA, go to, or you can just e-mail me at