Monday, October 13, 2008

Dr. Ci:Labo

I'm currently using Dr. Ci:Labo skincare as it is the only one that doesn't use preservatives. Due to the presence of cancer in my family, I've decided to avoid preservatives such as parabens in my cosmetics and skincare.

I use it's Aqua Collagen Super Moisture Gel and Everbright Sunscreen (SPF 30). I love the Super Moisture Gel because it moisturises, nourishes, brightens and acts as a base for make-up or you can just use it on its own. It's non-greasy so I don't have to worry about oily skin anymore. My skin just feels really clean and soft. The only downside is it's price, at RM124 for a small jar, it's quite pricy for me. The sunscreen also costs RM124 for a small tube, but it does last for a couple of months. However it leaves a whitish tinge on your face, I think it's due to the titanium dioxide. All in all a good skincare line.

I'm still looking for a cheaper skincare line that doesn't contain parabens though. Working freelance means I don't make that much and with prices of everything going up, I definitely need to cut down here and there.

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