Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just love, love, love cheesy nachos. Unfortunately it's not practical nor financially viable to keep on going to Chilli's or TGIF to get my nacho fix. So, I have to make it myself. I usually use Chachos Original corn chips as the base. Grate some cheddar cheese, sprinkle it over and nuke it until the cheese bubbles. Voila! You have cheesy nachos.

As for the salsa, I usually chop up some tomatoes, capsicum, coriander leaves, red onion and mix it up. A bit of freshly ground salt and black pepper and you have fresh tasting salsa. Sometimes I'll make some guacamole as well. I used to think it was difficult to make, but it's actually very simple. Mash up some very ripe avocados, add in lemon juice, chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves and red onion, salt and pepper to taste and you have guacamole.

I make it for buka puasa sometimes, and I usually melt the cheese just before the azan so the nachos are piping hot. Hmmm...this is making me crave nachos again. Looks like it's nachos and dips again tonight!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Very Intelligente Pocket (VIP) by Tintamar

As a woman, it's a bitch to keep changing handbags because of the all the stuff we need to transfer i.e purse, keys, coins, phone, cards, sunglasses, and all sorts of knick knacks we tend to lug around.

I read about the Very Intelligente Pocket (VIP) by Tintamar a few years ago, but only managed to find it on the net a few months ago. It's basically a washable pouch or handbag liner which you use to put all your stuff in. If you change handbags just grab the pouch and place it in the handbag you want to use.

I manage to fit in my purse, phone, pen, coins, note pad and card wallet, with space to spare. The VIP comes in three sizes, the VIP classic, which is suitable for small handbags,the business pocket, which is slightly bigger, suitable for the corporate woman who needs space for her Blackberry, PDA, make-up etc and also more useful with bigger handbags which are all the rage now. They also have a sun/baby pocket which can be used for totes or baby changing bags as it has more and larger pockets and a matching little coin purse as well.

Fortunately for me, I was able to order it through the internet from the UK. They sell it in Malaysia at the Gardens, Mid Valley at a shop called M. However it's bloody expensive. The classic pocket goes for RM285 here, whereas you can get it around a hundred ringgit cheaper if you order online or buy it overseas.

It's made changing handbags a whole lot easier and keeps my handbags cleaner as well, a nice bonus.

Pak Lah in Denial

Now I tend to believe that Anwar Ibrahim does have the numbers to for a new government. Pak Lah seems to be stalling for time, perhaps time to arrest Anwar on trumped up charges of sodomy. If he meant what he said about Anwar bluffing, then he should just call for an emergency sitting and call his bluff, instead he delays - again. Pak Lah also says he's got his ear to the ground, did I hear right, or was it his ear to the pillow. Please Pak Lah, you've lost so much credibility, wouldn't it be more graceful (and less embarassing, I must say) to leave before being ousted?

One might be inclined to believe that Khairy had a hand in the decision to switch portfolios. With the switching of portfolios, Najib and his supporters will have to support Khairy's bid for UMNO Youth Chief. Najib should be wary taking on the Finance Ministerial responsibility in such a tough environment. It'll be very easy to just blame Najib for any screw ups later on, despite it being Pak Lah's mess in the first place.

Interesting times we live in. Can't wait to see what unfolds tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Cruel, Cruel Government

I was extremely shocked to read that apart from Raja Petra, Teresa Kok, MP, and Tan Hoon Cheng of Sin Chew Daily were also arrested under the ISA, in the month of Ramadhan as well. This is from a government that proclaims to be Islamic, when in fact they are nothing more than hypocrites. Islam abhors any form of discrimination or oppression, but that is exactly what the Barisan Nasional government is about. You know what they say about hypocrites in the Quran - they go straight to hell.

If they think this will shore up more support for Pak Lah, they are sadly mistaken. They are playing the racial card again and I just hope that cool heads will reign and resolve this intelligently. I think it is definitely time for a big change in Malaysia, we cannot allow this kind of government to rule anymore. It's time the people flex their power and show the Barisan government that we won't stand for this.