Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everly Resort Melaka

We had to attend my cousin's wedding over the weekend in Melaka and decided to stay at the Everly. Never again. I have no complaints about the service at the hotel since the staff were very nice and helpful. The rooms, however, were terrible. When you go into the room, it smells musty, the mattresses sank when you slept on them, the shower was leaking, the sink tap was loose, there were ants in the room and the water was lukewarm, there was no proper hot water. The shower in my Aunt's room didn't work so she had to use the bath tap to bathe. The only saving grace was that the room had loads of space with a separate sitting area and kitchenette.

When you pay RM240 for a room you expect to get properly maintained rooms at least. We're not expecting Mandarin Oriental standards here, but please fix the taps, showers and water heaters. Having shabbily maintained rooms really spoils a holiday.

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