Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim-Shabery Cheek Debate

I managed to catch the live debate yesterday between Anwar Ibrahim and the Malaysian Information Minister, Ahmad Shabery Cheek. Was very impressed with Anwar's reasoning using facts and figures, but extremely disappointed with our Minister of Information. Instead of countering with facts and figures, he was spewing history lessons and making personal attacks on Anwar. Seeing as Anwar is an excellent orator, Shabery should have been more prepared.

I was actually looking forward to an intellectual albeit heated debate, but Shabery was just out of his depth. But to give him some credit, there is no one else in the current Cabinet that has the charisma and oratory skills equal to that of Anwar Ibrahim. What about Pak Lah you say? Hahaha, he would have just smiled and asked "Apa soalan tadi?"

If that was the best the Government can throw at the opposition, God help them.

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