Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Exam week!

Wow, it's been four years since my last blog. Little H is not so little anymore. He's just turned 11 and has exams this week. Unfortunately for me, it means Mommy is stressed too! Revision, driving him to extra classes and making sure he sleeps early, I honestly can't wait for the exams to end. Luckily for us, it's Deepavali holidays next week and schools get a week off.

So next week, I can catch up on some reading (hopefully) and start clearing his books away. It's UPSR next year. It's a major exam for 12 year olds in Malaysia before they move on to secondary school. It's more important for kids that intend to apply for boarding schools and high performing school as these school require excellent results. Being an only child, there is no way I'm sending him off to boarding school.

There are plenty of good schools in our area, so he can take his pick. His priority however, is that the school must have good food. Yes, my son is more worried about the food rather than the school itself. His favourite food in school now is the fried chicken and keropok lekor (fish crackers)

I can still remember some of the food I used to eat in school. In primary school, the Sardine Puff was the best I've ever tasted, I used to have it almost every day. In secondary school it was the Kung Fu Noodles, which we used to rush for every recess time because there was always a long queue. Food choices in schools are much better than they were during my time. It's healthier and they don't sell as much junk food. Though buying junk food was one of the highlights of going to school, apart from buying numerous erasers from the Book Shop.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little H is in Standard 1!

My little munchkin is now in standard 1 and in a national school. Apart from vomiting on the first day, he's been quite the little trooper. He gets RM1 per day and saves it because we pack him snacks from home. It's much healthier and cheaper that way. He also learns how to save his own money, he's quite proud that he's managed to save almost RM20.

The downside to going to Standard 1 are, of course, the larger classes. He's been spoilt at kindy where there were only fourteen students per class and you have teachers and assistants helping out. Naturally he feels a little lost in Primary School. Doesn't help that his Malay is weak (I know, I know, it's my fault). But he's improving slowly and does his homework without too many complaints.

Larger classes also mean more germs going around. He just recovered from a bout of fever and cough. The fever lasted 6 days and he's still coughing after 2 weeks. He is improving but it takes a bit of time to build back his strength and gain back the weight he lost.

Recently he's been talking about how he doesn't like his Maths teacher. I've heard how this man teaches and I have to agree that he's a bit of an &*#hole. He shouts at the students and seems to be quite rude. Teachers and parents are supposed to work together to bring up polite and considerate children and this person is not giving a good example. As long as he doesn't pick on my son directly I'm willing to let it go, if he does, then we'll have to have a few words with him. No one likes bullies whether they're kids or adults.